Online Training Evaluation

Askly enables you to evaluate all your training and courses with a user-friendly survey application. Automatically send your participants a link to the evaluation form and easily collect feedback from your students. Askly can be set up flexibly, so that you can ask exactly the questions that are important for your training or course. Send feedback with our extensive analysis capabilities and user-friendly dashboards.

Send Evaluation Request

An evaluation can be automatically sent once or periodically to a group of respondents. The respondents can be entered manually or uploaded via an Excel™ file. If a respondent has not completed the form within a certain time, a reminder is automatically sent.

A mailing template is used to send the mailing, which can be adapted for each specific target audience. The status of the mailing and progress of the evaluations are always visible.

From Data to Action

The results of an evaluation are easily transformed into meaningful dashboards or reports. The results can be filtered per group, making it easy to distinguish between, for example, customer and supplier.

Based on the type of questions, the scores can be displayed in various ways, such as averages, trend graphs and tables. Each dashboard can be downloaded as a PDF. In addition, it is also possible to offer the dashboard for a specific period via a sharable URL.

And lots more!

In addition to the above functionalities, many other functionalities are available, including:

  • Configuring rights and roles at the evaluation level

  • Audit reporting

  • Evaluation templates

Plans and Pricing





Chat evaluations
View responses
Personal evaluation
Anonymous evaluations
(Online) reports
Number of responses per month1001000unlimited
Setup fee€ 349,– *€ 349,– *In consultation
Personal supportIn consultation
Custom extensions
Integrations with other systems

€ 99,– / month

€ 199,– / month

€ 749,– / per use

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*) Setup includes seting up a custom environment and custom taylored configurations. For more options or explanation, please contact us.

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