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Create Evaluations

The evaluation survey is constructed of a multitude of questions and conditional remarks. This way an approachable and interactive survey is easily created.

Every form can be used for multiple evaluations. A form can easily be copied and adjusted. Get the reason behind certain feedback by using conditional questioning. There are different types of questions to be used in a survey, such as open questions, score questions or selections.

Also testability and multiple languages are some of the features of Askly. Periodically we will add new features to enable you to engage with your customers more efficiently.

Send Evaluations

A survey request can be sent once or periodically to a large group of respondents. These respondents can be easily imported with an Excel™ data import. We can nudge the respondent to apply the survey or evaluation with a reminder message.

All mailing communication can be adjusted for each target audience to maintain a tailored tone of voice. With the Askly dashboard you are informed about these mailings and the fulfillment of the surveys.

From Data to Action

Create dashboards and learn from the results of the evaluations or surveys. Combine data, group by target audience or filter to get insights in your performance and measure taken actions.

Based on the type of question you can evaluate averages, trends or data tables. Each dashboard can be downloaded into PDF or can be shared with a temporary (public) link.

And Lots More

In addition to the previously mentioned features, there are lots more features, amongst which are

  • Managing user roles or blocking access to certain evaluations

  • Audit trail of all actions performed within Askly

  • Use evaluation templates for a quick setup

Plans and Pricing





Chat evaluations
View responses
Personal evaluation
Anonymous evaluations
(Online) reports
Number of responses per month1001000unlimited
Setup fee€ 349,– *€ 349,– *In consultation
Personal supportIn consultation
Custom extensions
Integrations with other systems

€ 99,– / month

€ 199,– / month

€ 749,– / per use

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*) Setup includes seting up a custom environment and custom taylored configurations. For more options or explanation, please contact us.

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